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Clinical and community leaders work in partnership to improve the quality of life for North Dakotans. Organizations and leaders across the state are able to help North Dakotans meet their health goals and improve their quality of life, right in their own communities. NDC3 allows clinical and community partners to screen and refer individuals to the community programs that will best support them with preventing and managing chronic conditions. Using NDC3 you can register your organization as a service delivery partner, register as a trained class leader, and open your classes for registration, and train to become a leader for any of the evidence-based classes listed here.

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If your organization offers one or more of the evidence-based programs described on our Programs page, and you would like to join the NDC3 provider network, click below to register.

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For Leaders

If you are already a leader in one or more health promotion programs, please sign-up on by clicking below.

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